Planning to start life in a new location is a big task. You need a professional help, and at the same time you would like it to have a personal touch, like from your friend, or a person you know very well and trust.
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We can offer you both these things. You may ask yourself a question how you can know us. The answer is easy: go to our video log and meet with us. You can also go to the "About us" section and get to know us a little bit.
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You are about to move to Los Angeles from another city, state or maybe even country - right? Well, moving to a new area isn't fun and may be a little bit challenging - true? The farther you have to move, the bigger the hustle. Looking on distance for a decent place to live is difficult. How do we know it? Well, within our over thirty-five years together, we moved more than twenty times - three times from one continent to another, twice from state to state, and many-many times within the Los Angeles area.
There is also another reason why we are familiar with difficulties of looking for an apartment on distance: for more than twenty years, we worked as apartment managers, and we rented to quite a big number of people who contacted us from other states, or other countries even. Some of them had an opportunity to come to LA for a very short time – mostly one or two days – and in hurry, exhausted and totally confused because of seeing so many places in such a short period of time, they tried to find a reasonably acceptable place they would apply for. If they decided to apply, they mostly had no idea if they're making a good choice, as it is impossible to get familiar with an area within a day or two, especially in a city like L.A. Some also worried it the spouse or roommate will like their choice. But most people, for whatever reason, didn’t have such opportunity to come here and at least see the apartment before they decided to apply for it.
When the Internet made it possible, with one of us being a big fan of photography and video movies, we helped a few “renters on distance” to feel comfortable about renting an apartment we managed without physically visiting it. We simply got an idea to take for them pictures and make video tour of the apartment, the building and the area, pointing out everything that could be of importance to the particular prospects and listing all the pros and cons. They were thrilled, and found it very helpful in making their decision.
That’s what we want to offer to you. Our team – Witold (husband), Rosa (wife), and our son Janek (it spells "Ya-nek") – can help you to find on distance a place that will meet your expectations and requirements, saving your time and money you would otherwise spend for a trip to LA, staying here, and looking on your own. We will use our knowledge as Los Angeles area residents for thirty years and former apartment managers with over twenty years of experience, combined with experience in photography and making video movies as a hobby and passion (Janek was born here, so LA is his home for 22 years; when he was 13, he started helping us in management, and for the last 2 years he was managing on his own an apartment building).
Our service would be very helpful also to those of you who currently live in Los Angeles area and want to move within it, but for whatever reason don't feel they would like to look on their own for a new place to live.
Please, read more about us, and also about what exactly we can offer to help you, and why we are capable to provide a really unique and quality service to make your relocation process as easy and pleasant an experience as possible.

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